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Frisian language use



political historian               



Curriculum Vitae text from  LinkedIn    pietervanderplank@gmail.com

dr University Utrecht (1971); dr University Groningen (2004)

in Social Sciences and in Humanities

1966-1969: university education in the social sciences of the University of Utrecht, resulting in a doctor's degree granted on a thesis concerning European indigenous ethno-linguistic minorities, 1971.

1970-1976: engaged in civil service as a referendary in the city of Leiden, responsible for sanitation of urban backstreet quarters and population resettlement.

1976-1988: engaged in the Faculty of Social Siences of Groningen University; project leader of a survey investigating the use of Frisian and the attitudes towards Frisian identity, resulting in publications in a variety of periodicals. Also published an introduction to the study of the sociology of language.

1988-1999: management trainer, adviser and coach of teams. President in a foundation editing Frisian books and periodicals.

1999-present day: re-engagement in academic life, resulting in a doctor’s thesis at Groningen University, in 2004 published as "Etnische Zuivering in Midden-Europa" (ethnic cleansing in Central Europe). Chapter VII of this study is meanwhile revised and on approval on this website.

Participation in Univ. of Amsterdam community 'Babylonic Europa'. and in congresses concerning minority problems and bilingualism, organized by Ceges-Somes Brussels, European University of Tetovo (Macedonia), Sapientia University Cluj and Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities (ISPMN), Pécs University (Hungary) and Ossijek University (Croatia). The contribution delivered to the Pécs-Ossijek congress 2012 is on approval on this website.